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Tender for Hiring of Vehicles in the office of SEIAA vide Notice No. 6569 dt. 19.03.2019
Tender Notice for Vehicles
TOR of Environmental Scientist
Advertisement of Env. Scientist
Check List for Country Liquor Projects
Bidding Document For Hiring of Vehicles
Tender Notice for Vehicles
Tender for Hiring of Vehicles in the Office of SEIAA Vide Notice No.1794 dt.15.07.2016
Launch of environment Clearance portal for SEIAAS.
NOTICE of Online Application.
Format of Minor Mineral for giving additional clarification.
High Court order in WP(C) No.889, 890, 891 & 892 of 2012.
Approval Authority of Mining Plan.
Gazzet of MMC, Rule 2014.
Registered Qualified Person.
Presentation of SEIAA
Presentation of SEAC
Modified Checklist Annexure-II, for submission of information for Minor Mineral Project

Modified checklist of minor mineral projects proposal

Modified Check List of Minor Mineral

Letter to All Collector regarding District Survey Report